Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I Did on Summer Vacation

Sunday - rode my bike (75 miles)
Monday - rode my bike (60 miles)
Tuesday - rode my bike (60 miles)
Wednesday - rode my bike (62.2 miles)
Thursday - rode my bike, twice (43.2 and 18.8 miles)
Friday - rode my bike (28.4 miles)
Saturday - raced my bike (26 miles)

It was a big mileage/hour week for me - in fact, the biggest ever. I ended seven days of riding (on 4 different bikes) with 373.6 miles/20.5 hours in the saddle. Now, I need a vacation from my vacation ;).

The week culminated with a return to the Attleboro Crit. Two years ago, I managed somehow to win the 3/4 race here. This year, I went and raced the Women's 30+ race. I was a bit concerned that all the miles on my legs would be an issue, but I had a good race, stayed away from the crash in the field, and managed to hold on to a 2nd place finish in the end! More importantly, I had fun racing my bike - something that I haven't had for awhile now. I'm hoping the big training week, and the successful race, will be the end of my riding/racing funk!

After my race, it was time to plunk myself in a chair for the remainder of the day, and watch as Mike contested both the M35+ and the P/1/2/3 races, for 95 total laps of the course (after already having 400+ miles for the week!). He looked strong and held on well in both races. Looks like he is going to have another strong 'cross season ahead!