Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turn It Off!

Don't get me wrong - I love snow. Earlier this winter, I was chastising people for complaining about the snow - it's winter in New England after all. But, even I have almost had enough. Every Wednesday we get another foot or more of snow! I'm fine with it, but when I have to shovel the snowbanks in preparation for the next storm, or help lug the snow blower onto the roof, it's really a bit much.

Here are some scenes from today's snow - for my mom and dad who are in sunny, snow-less Florida...

From the front of the house to the street, and back

The neighbor's driveway - his car barely fits in the opening

The front walkway and yard - we shoveled those banks yesterday to make room for today's snow.

Mike has shoveled the roof multiple times, but still there is ice - and snow.

The narrow tunnel that is our street; today's accumulation on the grill