Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turn It Off!

Don't get me wrong - I love snow. Earlier this winter, I was chastising people for complaining about the snow - it's winter in New England after all. But, even I have almost had enough. Every Wednesday we get another foot or more of snow! I'm fine with it, but when I have to shovel the snowbanks in preparation for the next storm, or help lug the snow blower onto the roof, it's really a bit much.

Here are some scenes from today's snow - for my mom and dad who are in sunny, snow-less Florida...

From the front of the house to the street, and back

The neighbor's driveway - his car barely fits in the opening

The front walkway and yard - we shoveled those banks yesterday to make room for today's snow.

Mike has shoveled the roof multiple times, but still there is ice - and snow.

The narrow tunnel that is our street; today's accumulation on the grill


claudia said...

Maybe if we all send our "turn-it-off" karma to Mother Nature all at once, she'll have pity on us!

Jean said...

Calgary got mildly sacked with white stuff. Then our chinook winds blow warmly to melt off.

Best wishes and may winter be not too long for you!