Wednesday, February 14, 2007

VDay Blizzards and Treats

Happy Valentine's Day!

In New England, we are finally getting some significant snowfall. The original forecast said that we would get anywhere between 6" and 12" and then that was tapered back because everything was turning over to rain/sleet/mix. It's currently still snowing here, and Mike has gone out to blow out the driveway 3 times already. The forecast for the remainder of the day is nasty, with BLIZZARD conditions up in Maine (woohoo!).

The cold and snow appear to also have forced some of the critters to look for creative ways to get out of the weather and have a snack. I watched the squirrels in the feeders and on the whirl-a-squirrel for quite awhile. It actually looked like this little guy's paws were frozen.

And of course, we can't have Valentine's Day without treats. We don't eat a lot of chocolate at our house, but I baked up a batch of my grandpa's shortbread recipie for Mike. He's giving them two thumbs up.

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