Sunday, April 29, 2007

Seventh Inning Stretch

Yesterday was our 7th anniversary. Since Mike is still off the bike and not terribly mobile, we decided to head up to the North Shore for the day, and spent quite a bit of time in Salem, wandering around the historic town. I have been to Salem more times than I can count, but I always love going. It's a town rich with history - from witches to maritime life to literary inspiration.

After our time in Salem, we headed up to Ipswich for a late lunch at Woodman's. I had never been here before, and now know that this is the type of place one can only visit every few years. Look how shiny the food is, and how much of it there is!


Philip said...

Seven years? Wow -- congratulations! And Woodman's for lunch; now, that's romatic! ;) Maybe the grease will lube Mike's knee.

;) pk

mkr said...

Ummm, grease!

Anonymous said...
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claudia said...

Just testing to see if Blogger will let me in now.

paul.obeda@ said...

Happy Anniversary!

And, BTW, thx for the card; it's always a good reminder to me that it's time to send one the other way. And you know that I need reminders (although this year I still remember the pertinent number).