Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Catch Up

After our Attack on the Notches last week, my brain was too tired to update the blog! Of course, so were my legs, back, neck...

Mike and I returned from Maine on Saturday, and did a fairly easy "recovery" ride - except for the sprints at the end! My neck and shoulders were so sore from riding the day before that I had a really hard time keeping my head up. Thankfully, the ride was short ;-).

On Sunday, we went out and did a 50 mile tandem ride with our friends CB and SB. It was a beautiful day, and we traversed our way through Concord, Lincoln, Wayland, Sudbury, West Concord, and West Acton.

Monday was my "rest" day. This meant no riding, although I did manage to get quite a few household tasks done. We also had to go in search of a hard drive enclosure for the PC - ours decided to blow a gasket on the weekend, and we needed to get our training data off of the drive. Yes, we are geeks.

Tuesday was the best women's ride for me to date! I have had a fairly regular group of women coming out with me the past few weeks, and it is really heartening to see the progress they are making in their skills, speed and distance. The group worked pretty flawlessly this week, and managed to maintain a 19.3 mph average speed over 31 miles. One of my good friends, Becky, was with us, and she did her fastest ride ever! Kudos to her for sticking with the group.

Tonight, of course, was TT night. Thankfully, I cruised around the course without incident this week. I set my best time so far this season (25:16) but am still about 45 seconds off of my PR from last year. Not sure how I will manage to lose the time, but I am hoping to best myself before the season ends. One of the regulars set a new overall course record tonight, rounding the 9.75 mile course in 20:01! Congrats, Andrew!

Off to the races this coming weekend in Auburn, ME. Hopefully the weather forecast will change slightly before then, as the current prediction is for some rain...

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claudia said...

So that's what I look like when indulging in BikeCam.