Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last year, I LOVED the Lowell race course. This despite being in about 6th place, hitting a rock in the single track, flatting, and having to RUN about 1/2 a lap to the pit to change out my wheel. This year's course was slightly different to accomodate some beautiful changes in the park, and I still loved it! Add cold weather and some really good mud to a fun course, and you have yourself a beaut of a 'cross race!

Shannon, Carrie, Joanne, Teri, Kathy and Julie all had great races in the 3/4 field (although according to the results, Kathy and Julie didn't actually race - the results were really fubar). I was so excited to watch them sprinting through corners, flying downhill, and passing other racers. Shannon finished a strong 3rd, and Carrie's 6th place race came down to the finish line where she beat the good doctor by just an inch! Smiling and dirty, the team looked great even after being covered in mud (and how did Teri get so dirty????) ;-)

Mike's race was next, and I knew I would have time to warm up in between, so I watched his entire race. He looked great! After a good start, he made up some places and quickly was jockeying for 6th/7th place. Despite breaking his saddle, bad shifting and popping out of his pedal in the final sprint, he finished in 7th - his best race this season, and the second race in two weeks where he finished ahead of Paul. He is having a great season, and I suspect, will do great at Nationals.

Me? I have determined that my race results are directly proportional to who shows up to race. Of course, everyone could say this, but I suspect that I am not actually doing that much better. So, the fast girls showed up, and I ended up in the back...

I actually had a good start to the race. The photos show that I was sitting about 5th wheel, but had lined myself up on the wrong side of the track, and quickly was squeezed out on the right. Coming into the barriers on the first lap, I was behind, and was quickly passed by the two women behind me. Sadly, this put me last going into "the hill", and the Wheelworks rider in front of me bobbled, forcing me off my bike to run up. UGH! She would pick up the pace on the flat sections, and then slow WAY down in the technical sections. I quickly grew frustrated, and when I heard Mike yell for me to move up, I put in a surge to get past her and create a gap. This was my first race.

The second part of my race came with just under two laps to go. I knew that the Junior leader was closing in on me, and I decided that I wasn't going to get lapped - I wanted to finish ALL of my laps (yes, I really did want to ride "the hill" one more time - call me crazy!). I came up on a lagging junior in front of me, and started rapid firing at him, "C'mon - you can do it. Only 1.5 more laps to go. Don't let him catch us now. You don't want to get lapped, do you? I want to finish all of my laps. C'mon, I know you can do it - you're doing awesome!" He probably thought I was nuts, but he did pick up the pace. I passed him on the track, and we both just crossed the start/finish ahead of the winning junior! The lagging junior I had passed? He got by me and beat me in the end! I met my mid-race goal though - didn't get lapped and didn't finish last!

Oh, and apparently, Tide doesn't always get the tough stains out....


Colin R said...

i prefer to ride with a whole sled dog team of cub juniors in front of me. works best if you actually put reins on them...even better if they have the last name "Keough."

Trigirlpink said...

The thing is, mud is was not! More like liquid/granular asphalt! Oxyclean soaking in a bucket for 2 days is key. :-)
Happy Thanksgiving.