Thursday, December 13, 2007


With the decision not to go to Kansas behind us, as well as the racing for the year, this past weekend was a mix of household duties and "purpose-less" riding. After a morning of Christmas decorating, cleaning the attic/garage/basement and other chores, Mike and I went out for a ride.

We had no purpose. We played in the snow and after deciding that was tough going, went out on the road for a loop through Concord and Carlisle. We weren't racing. We weren't training. Just out riding for the pure pleasure of it. We enjoyed it so much on Saturday that on Sunday we hopped on the mountain bikes for a quick tour down the snowy rail trail towards Fawn Lake to check out the ice (it's not ready for riding yet, in case you were wondering).

Riding for fun - what a great concept!

Yesterday, I definitely had a purpose. I was on a mission. One day. The mall. A Christmas list. I went out in the morning to start my Christmas shopping, and while I cannot decree completing the task, I did make it 80% of the way through! Now if I can just get through all of the wrapping...


claudia said...

That is my favorite kind of riding!

Trigirlpink said...

Hey! Paul and I went out on our mountain bikes last Sunday in the woods with the snow. It was fun! Something I would have never attempted years prior but now that I'm a handy dandy cyclocrosser.. hey, it's a new world! :-)