Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Resuming the Tuesday Women's Rides

Last season, NEBC successfully hosted a weekly women's ride on Tuesday evenings. Most weeks, I managed to make it to Lexington to help lead one of the groups, and I had a blast meeting new people, and helping to teach skills.

With my training schedule this season, I haven't been able to make it over as much as I would like, but last night, I was able to go over and do a ride with the 16-18mph group. Despite threatening skies, there were still about 20 women who showed up to participate in one of the 4 groups.

I had forgotten, really, how much fun this was! I worked with Kathy M and Annette to lead a group of 7 women who were pretty good at pace lining and keeping up ;-). On the way back into town, one of the women and I started chatting. I soon found out that she has been driving from Stowe, VT EACH WEEK to attend our ride, and then driving back home! She said that she doesn't have any women to ride with in VT, and has been loving our group. Guess that's as good a testament as any as to the success and popularity of the ride. I'm going to have to make it back there more often.

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claudia said...

That is so awesome, a bunch of women all riding together.

And, its amazing the attention two chicks on a tandem get.