Monday, November 24, 2008

A Rare, Non-race Weekend

Yes, you read that right - no racing for the Rowells this past weekend! It was nice not to be in the pack/travel/unpack/clean bikes/laundry/repack/travel/unpack/clean bikes/laundry cycle this weekend.

So, what did we do with our time? No racing means time for - riding for FUN! Yes, I said the F-word ;). We've been racing/training since the spring, and at this time in the season, it was nice to get a group of like-minded, race-weary friends together to head out and ride for fun. Of course, some might say that riding for over 3 hours, in the woods, with temps in the 20s and wind gusting is anything BUT fun, but for us, it was a good time.

Just before 10:00 am on Saturday, two groups (the boys, and the girls) set out from our place to hit the woods. The boys (I think there were 7 of them) were off for a 4+ hour ride, and Tami, Teri and I decided that 3 hours was plenty, so we did our own "mini-epic". We rode in the PR (aka the Landlocked Forest) for the first part of our ride, looping most of the trails and practicing some technical skills along the way. Tami rode some corners and bridges she had never conquered in the past, and Teri and I had our own successes along the way (minus her "resting" on the final uphill ;)).

From the PR, we took to the road and bike path for a short and VERY cold section, before heading back into the woods on the rail trail extension heading out to Concord, and towards Estabrook Woods. There wasn't any mud - too cold! In fact, part of the trail was iced over. By the time we made it to Estabrook, the riding and cold had done us in - we did a short loop to say that we had made it, and then headed back for hot coffee, hot showers and hot food. We still ended with over 3 hours of ride time, and about 26.5 miles.

Teri - dressed for the weather; "You can do it - no brakes!"

Tami the tree-hugger; "That was easy"

The Old North Bridge in Concord

Yes it was cold, and yes, that is ice!
The boys trickled in in small groups, but once everyone was back, clean and slightly warmer, we celebrated the ride the way all cyclists love to - with a feast! Lasagne, salad, snacks, bread, pies, brownies and beer. YUM! It was a great day - good riding, good food, and great friends. I'm looking forward to more "fun" riding as we finish the racing season.

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