Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reindeer Games

It can't be the holiday season without a ride to celebrate ;-). This year, we were blessed with a snowfall the day prior to our reindeer games, making the bike path a rutted, bumpy, icy mess - even better!

We set off, me dressed of course in my reindeer antlers, flashing socks and a necklace of Christmas lights. We had a great time navigating the slippery path (with only a few minor crashes) and headed into Redbones for some dinner, and back again. A great way to celebrate the holidays with good friends! More pics by PK here.


claudia said...

Those antlers are super funny.

Michele said...

Hey Cathy,

The next time you're headed into Redbones on the bike path, let me know. I'll meet you on the path and ride the rest of the way in with you. It's only about a five minute ride from my house, but at least I can have a festive ale with you.