Friday, February 13, 2009

P is for Poop

Mike and I went out today for an MTB ride. We were psyched to be outdoors - it was sunny, not too cold, and we had the day off. We set off on the Minuteman bike path through conservation land in Lexington, into Willard's Woods, onto Great Meadows in Arlington and then to Whipple Hill before returning on the bike path.

It ended up being a solid ride - over 3 hours, 25 miles and 1400 ft of climbing. Enough to sufficiently beat me up ;-)

[Start rant]
There is still a considerable amount of snow and ice here in New England. Snow and ice that should be white, and look nice. Today, however, it was littered with brown poop everywhere. Trying to avoid one poop pile could have sent you directly into another. Dog poo. Disgusting.

For the entire time we were out I wondered why dog owners think it is ok for them to take their dogs out on the trails or the bike path, let them poop, and then keep on walking without picking it up. Do they think because it's winter, they don't have to? Are they oblivious? Stupid? I KNOW they are inconsiderate... At one point, I saw some dog walkers and wanted to give them a piece of my mind. Realizing, however, that I can't paint ALL dog owners with the same brush, I held my tongue.

But c'mon you people! Do you want to see poo on your sidewalk? Do you want to step in/ride through poo for three hours? Be forced to look at giant piles of poo? I don't think so, so CLEAN IT UP! If you want help, I have a friend who's sister just invented a handy helper - you can find it here - GET ONE (or two).

And since I am on a roll, MA does have a leash law.
[End rant]

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grighi said...

you know i am a dog lover but i have the same complaint! people have not been pucking up thinking maybe that all the snow was going to wash it away and now everything is way nastier than it usually is both on the trails and even on th sidewalks!