Friday, April 17, 2009

The Launch of the Rocketship

Wednesday was our first club TT of the season, and Mike and I hauled out the rocketship for a test run. The conditions weren't stellar (it was windy and only about 47 degrees), and we had both done some heavy racing and riding prior, so the excuses were coming fast and furious before the start (and after the finish).

Despite having to come to a stop TWICE for traffic (BTW - that really messes up your rhythm, and reduced our average speed by 1 mph), we managed to finish up in 21:55. To put that in perspective, it's faster than our first run last year, but about 1:18 off our our record. I think, however, that with better conditions (and me not fighting Mike's cadence the entire way - DOH!), we'll be in a good position to get back to where we were last season.


claudia said...

That is an awesome first tandem TT time. You'll be breaking that record this year, I'm betting.

Trigirlpink said...

hummmmmmm. windy and chilly keeps TGP away. I must ponder the tt over lunch today. Love your new pinky ride too!