Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Torture Will Make Me Stronger...

The torture device

The torturer

Me, suffering torture

Last year, I learned to ride the rollers after having had a bad experience trying it out with Teri and Serene (apparently, rollers for idiots aren't for all idiots!). After a few goes at it, I went back to the trusty trainer - it was just easier for me.

This year my new coach (aka, the torturer) declared that I would ride the rollers. He even went so far as to buy me a new set - parabolic rollers that came from Nashbar. So, I tried it again, and have completely given up the trainer. While I can't do any roller tricks, I have managed to be able to ride one handed, grab my water bottle, drink, and replace it, and am working on the no hands riding that Mike makes look so easy. I will admit, it is a better workout than I ever got on the trainer, but after an hour, it really is just torture!


Il Bruce said...

Generally no hands on the rollers is useful and not a stupid trick. I find it helps to move the yabbies around. It is easier on the rollers than on the road for me.

The fellow on the video is quite impressive. In college the only tricks we developed were removing shirt, catching beers thrown at you, opening beers that had bee thrown at you and drinking beer that had been thrown at you before putting you hands back on teh bars.

Come do the roller races in Prov. They cheat and have fork brackest though.

vicki said...

I'm impressed with the roller riding. Every winter I "plan" to ride rollers... But the Computrainer is just so much more tempting. I've also had my fair share of "roller crashes"!
Nice to see you are back blogging.

Todd Rowell said...

Waaah, the tricks video doesn't work for me. Did you take it down?

I'm impressed the two of you ride rollers so close together!

Trigirlpink said...

I can't seem to open the video, will try again later. The rollers look scary and inviting at the same time.
I want to try them!

tmc said...

Serene and I must just be lousy teachers. I admit that I will sometimes switch to the trainer depending on the workout but I LOVE the rollers so much more.

And I think that from now on, Mike will be known to me as the Roller Ninja.