Thursday, February 11, 2010

What was THAT?!?!?

As I was sitting eating my Lucky Charms this morning, my eye caught sight of this animal running through the yard. I didn't recognize it, and yelled to Mike to come quick to tell me what it was (and no, I didn't think fast enough to get the camera out).

Now, we've seen deer, turkeys, fox, possums, skunks and coons in the yard (in addition to the more traditional suburban squirrels and chipmunks), but this beast was an honest to goodness fisher cat. Pen up your chickens, cats, small dogs and small children people! This thing had BIG TEETH

Mike did get out to get pics of the tracks it left in the snow...


Edward said...

no wai !

ultra rare to see one
especially in urban environ

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! We have them in Arlington too, amazingly. They are FIERCE and will totally eat a cat for a snack! It's bigger than I imagined!

Big Bikes said...

Have you heard it at night?
They make a terrifying ruckus.

Maybe them there Fisher Cats will eat all those "incredibly threatening" Coyotes.


G-ride said...

that is how i lost both my cats when i moved to the mountain. yes the racket is pretty scary as well.