Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the Rivet

I'm ready. I'm calm. I'm trying to keep the nerves at bay. 

This coming Saturday is Battenkill. Since I decided in February that I was actually going to do this race, I got busy with training, completing multiple rides literally on the rivet. I've done two notch rides totaling 214 miles and 13,500 feet of climbing. I've been out with the boys multiple weeks in a row on the Left for Dead rides; last week was the first time I managed to last more than 10 miles - hanging with them until mile 21.5, and putting in my hardest effort of the year.

Yesterday, TGP asked if I was ready. Typically, my lack of confidence would have me jokingly reply that I was as ready as I was going to be. This year, I am working on my confidence - the physical fitness is there; I need the mental fitness to get to the same place.

I'm not making predictions, but I do have a goal - to stay with the lead group up and over Juniper Swamp Road (a steep dirt road climb at mile 11 where many will end up walking). I didn't walk that climb the last time I raced here, and I don't intend to this time either. Up and over with the front group and stay there. That's the goal.

So yes, I am ready. It's time to race!


mkr said...

You will do great, I know you will!

Kelli said...

You can do it Kathy!!
Knowing you, you'll have fun too.

Vicki said...

Your post exudes confidence! I know you can do it. You've done the training and put in the hard work. Looking forward to reading all about it.