Monday, February 4, 2013

More Pics from Louisville

Our trip took us through eight states


There were a lot of NECX friends and teammates who made the trip down to worlds.


Oh - there may have been some Belgians, too!

Tuesday may have been the driest day on the course, but there was still sticky, Louisville mud.

Sightseeing - from our room :)

Wet Wednesday mud vs. frozen Friday mud

These crews worked for two straight days hauling and spreading wood chips to help mitigate the over-the-ankle mud in the main spectator areas (and in front of the portos!)

On Thursday, the blurry us celebrated MKR turning his actual racing age. The banana bread pudding was no Concord Teacakes, but it sufficed in a pinch.

And on Friday, it was for all the marbles. Dave and Mike needed to clear cleats before starting the race.

After celebrating, it was time for the LONG drive home. Over the river, through the tunnels, and in 7.5 hours we were halfway home.

So, here ends the season! Congrats to MKR, and to EVERYONE who made the trek to Louisville to race.


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