Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Try at the Tandem TT

Tonight Mike and I went out for another shot at the tandem TT, hoping not to have any near death experiences like we did last time.

Since Bob and Lee are off to the Masters National Championships in Kentucky, we helped out with a few other club members to get racers registered before the start. That's actually a fun job because you get to see everyone! Fits right into my social butterfly personality ;-).

We started in 15th place, and quickly got up to speed and into a rhythm. The traffic didn't interfere tonight, and the weather wasn't TOO bad (although there was a head wind on the way out). The whole ride tonight hurt - I had a really hard time breathing. About half way through, I really felt like I was going to throw up - that's when you know you're putting in an all out effort! We finished with a time of 21:24 (just under 27 mph) - only 41 seconds off of our best time last season, and this was only our second try this year!

I'm beat now, but when we got home, I went out to take some pics of the lillies and roses in the garden - they're in full bloom now, and remind me of fireworks...


claudia said...

Nice work! We did a late night ride and got home about 10:30 PM.

A real front light would have been nice...


Karin said...

I am so sore from the new aero position....oh, and from being a bit out of shape! Seeing your garden piccies is very exciting though, as I can't wait to plant things!