Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oh, My Legs!

After the intense racing on the weekend, I took Monday off of the bike. That usually is enough for me to get through the remainder of the week's training, but not this week!

Tuesday's weather canceled our regular women's ride, but a few of us agreed to go out regardless, and dodge any raindrops that may fall. Tami, Carrie and I met another rider on the Lexington Green, and headed out. Tami is a Cat 2 racer on our Elite team, and said that she wanted to do a hard effort - I'll say it was hard! We went out and did 26 miles at an average speed of 21.3! Outside of the TT, that is my fastest ride ever, and it really hurt my already tired legs.

My legs were pretty tired by Wednesday, which is typically TT day. By the time Mike got home (he had done a hard ride on Tuesday as well), we both decided that the TT was out for us, and went out for an "easy" tandem ride instead ;-). The tired legs didn't really want to go, and the omni-directional wind made the ride even more of a challenge (although some would say that as the stoker, I am in a perpetual draft). We ended up riding 45 miles, and even got to stop and say hello to all of our friends who did attempt the TT last night.

Today, my quads are VERY sore, and my legs are VERY tired. I still have the Cat 4 women's team ride tonight (where we will focus on sprinting and riding in a pack), and I'm hoping to do a little more coaching than riding ;-). I think I am really looking forward to a few days off the bike this weekend!

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claudia said...

My legs hurt just reading this.