Friday, September 7, 2007

Changing Seasons

This week was our last TT for the year. I have to say that unlike past years, I am happy to hang up the TT rig for the next 6 months!

My goal for the season was to beat last year's PR of 24:32. After our "training camp vacation", I managed to post a PR of 23:56 this year, becoming the 5th woman to break the 24 minute mark. Unfortunately, the end of the season saw my times going up rather than down, despite some fancy new Zipp wheels...

We sadly didn't hit our goal of recapturing the tandem record this year, despite 5 attempts. After some [too] close calls with traffic, and a disparity in the timing of our training, we just couldn't pull it off. Guess we will have to wait until next year for that one - maybe by then, racing the tandem will be fun again ;-).

The end of this season, however, brings the beginning of the next. 'Cross racing starts this weekend in Milford, NH, and then becomes more intense with races both days every weekend through December. I've been out practicing dismounts/remounts, and trying to get rid of the dreaded "stutter step remount" I developed last year.

Time to change the bike, change the training and change the focus.

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claudia said...

I think our tandem is over the disappointment of the last TT of the season. Did it suck for everybody??

Good luck tomorrow!