Saturday, July 7, 2007

Vacation Day 6 - The End of Training Camp

What better way to start the last day of vacation than to sit and happily watch other people race their bikes? None! The Tour de France started today with the prologue in London, England. With coffee in hand, it was exciting to watch Fabian Cancellara win the stage soundly by almost 15 seconds. Not only is he fast, he's kind of cute, too ;-). I'm hedging my bets on the overall winner this year - I'd like to see Levi take the win, but I think that he will have a fight with Vino over the next three weeks.

After watching others ride, it was time for us to go out on our bikes. Today's 38 mile ride brought to an end our week long "training camp". A look back on the week shows these personal best totals (note that Mike's total mileage and hours are higher because on Weds, when I was out on my MTB, he was on another road ride):

Cathy: 354 miles ridden in 21.4 hours, burning a total of 14,600 calories
Mike: 411 miles ridden in 24.6 hours, burning a total of 18,000 calories

We rode through many towns over the course of the week, and I realized that we really take for granted the sights that are local to us, many of which I have shared with you over the past week. We are lucky to live in an area so rich in history, with rural landscapes easily accessible by bike.

I guess now, after all of this training, I am ready. What for, you ask? 'Cross, of course ;-).

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claudia said...

Cute *and* Swiss. My people.


Congrats on finishing "training camp". I didn't realize it was cross season quite yet.