Monday, July 2, 2007

Vacation Day 1 - 80 miles

PHEW! It's finally time for vacation. Yippee! Of course, at our house, that means LOTS of riding adventures.

Today, Mike and I went out on the tandem for an easy ride. It really was easy, just long! We set off on the CRW Apple Pi loop that starts in Bedford, and is a total of 55 miles. Once we were on the road, however, we tacked on extra loops that took us on some different roads from what we ride most days - a welcome change of pace (despite some of the climbing we had to do). Click here for an interactive version of our amended loop.

We even had an uncharacteristic stop on the ride today - for lunch! On our usual rides, we are so busy riding hard that we don't take time to stop for much of anything. Today was different - a nice, easy pace that allowed a lunch stop, and for some photos along the way.

We are really lucky to live in an area where cycling is very popular. Many cycling clubs/groups have cue sheets like the Apple Pi loop that are also marked on the road to provide a visual cue for cyclists. The photo above shows 8 different route markings at an intersection in Stow - we followed the second from the bottom for much of our ride.

After the ride, we topped off the day with another favorite for us while we are on vacation - going to the movies. I would highly recommend Live Free or Die Hard as an entertaining summer flick - lots of action.

Who knows what tomorrow and the rest of the week will bring. I'm willing to bet that it will be more adventures on the bikes ;).


Karin said...

Hey - you have one of my Festival arrows there! (Secret Swimming Hole ride).
I once read an e-mail somewhere about a guy named Andy, who took a bizarre ride once by following an "A" arrow until he hit the N arrow (Nashoba century), and then switched to the "d" arrow (Sterling Ride from Sudbury) until he, at long last, hit something vaguely approaching a Y (Lexington Revolutions). I think he was pretty lost by the end...

claudia said...

A lunch stop!?!? Nice!