Saturday, July 7, 2007


Last night, Erica and Jay brought the final parts needed to build up Erica's new ride. She was SO EXCITED when her new Griffin was finally assembled (Erica has been without a bike since crashing at Monson three weeks ago, where her carbon LOOK was broken). She claimed whe was going to be out riding at the crack of dawn this morning - we'll have to wait to see what the verdict is on the new wheels.

Looking out the window this morning, we finally got a glimpse of the fawn that we heard has been frequenting our yard and the neighborhood.

It's kind of hard to be angry that this is eating all of my flowers and foliage when it looks so darned cute! Here you can see that it is pretty curious - peeking around the tree to see what the squirrels in the yard are up to as well. Momma wasn't far away, and kept a keen eye on both baby, and Mike (while also munching on foliage in the yard - sigh).

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Erica said...

I MADE THE BLOG!! WAHOO!! Bikes great! Alright, I'll admit I hit the snooze button a couple of times this morning- till 10 am - not quite sunrise!! I love sleeping! But we got a great 40 mile ride in! Thanks again for all your (**Mikes) help!

cute pics of the fawn!!