Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Posting

Yes, I know that I didn't update the blog over the weekend. Mike and I spent the weekend watching the Tour, playing croquet, cooking and running errands. There was NO RIDING. Yes, you read that correctly - no riding for us - we were resting in preparation for this week's Working Man's Stage Race.

So, instead, you get some older stories and pics to tide you over until tonight's race report.

The week before vacation, I had to go to Houston for a meeting. While there, I FINALLY got to ride in the fire truck (my colleague is the volunteer Fire Chief for the Cypress Creek Fire Dept). One would have thought that I was a boy of 5 or 7 given how excited I was to go for a ride, and to be able to run the sirens!

And of course, I need to add some pictures from the yard!


Karin said...

Apples? And a grape arbour? We clearly will need to talk gardening at some TT! Good luck at WMSR, and I'll see you when the house is closed-on!

claudia said...

You look so happy in that fire truck.

Anonymous said...

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