Friday, April 18, 2008

First CBTT of the Season

Photos by PK

It was a great day for the first CBTT! The sun was out, temps were warm (-ish), and the wind was, well - it was a little windy ;-).

Thirty-eight riders showed up on Weds, and the new registration/parking location and logistics were awesome. Many thanks to all of the terrific volunteers who work so hard to make this weekly race a reality.

My goal on Weds was to go out and get a benchmark time for the season, and to hopefully not embarass myself too badly. I went off in the number 1 spot, and played "rabbit". I was glad, though, to only have been passed by two racers!

There were places where I was going great guns, and others where I looked at my speed and was pretty concerned. I know where on the course I need to make improvements at least! As I headed into the final stretch, I could tell that my effort wasn't going to be completely terrible - 25:42 for 9.75 miles (that's 22.75 mph) - a minute faster than my first time last season, and lots of room for improvement.

And the ticker was definitely working hard - average HR of 175 bpm with a max of 182!


claudia said...

Wow, its that time already! Nice work starting off the TT season right.

Notebooks said...
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