Thursday, April 10, 2008

Too Much Riding

I know - for some of you out there, too much riding is a misnomer - can't ever ride too much.

This year, I hired a coach for the first time, and am "following" a structured training plan. This plan has increased my time on the bike from my usual 9 hours to over 12. With the onset of the nice weather, and my eagerness to be on the bike outside, I have increased this even more... Oops. So, when I called my coach and complained of being tired and having sore legs, and then 'fessed up to the riding I had been doing that WASN'T on the plan, I was told that I did too much. Those of you who know me will not be surprised ;-)

I am on an [unplanned] rest week this week as a result, and have promised to listen to and follow what Aidan has prescribed for me. So far, so good.


Trigirlpink said...

Good girl.
It tougher to rest sometimes then doing the prescribed work given for a week especially if it's nice out. FAT chance of that this weekend so your not missing much! Your legs will thank you and be fresh as a daisy next week. :-)

claudia said...

Its very smart to follow the advice for which you pay good money, yes?