Friday, August 29, 2008

Tandem 'Cross

Many of our friends have suggested we try doing cyclocross on the tandem. Clearly, these are not married couples who have done competitive tandem races in the past ;). My response has always been that when Mike can dismount, shoulder the bike with me still on it, hop the barriers and then remount, THEN we can do 'cross on the tandem.

This week, however, we are on vacation, and on Tuesday, we did do some tandem 'cross. There were no barriers or run-ups, but we did manage a good portion of our 45 mile ride on the dirt, along with 2900' of climbing. Took the trusty Cannondale, threw some cross tires on, and away we went. It was kind of neat to be riding our bike on the trails we snowmobile in the winter, although we typically ride the rail trail at about 60 mph on the sleds, compared to the 14mph uphill headwind tandem ride... We also explored a couple of new [dirt/paved] roads on this adventure - Valley Rd and Pinkham B Rd.

Note the snowmobile trail sign!

Front of tandem; Back of tandem ;)

We rode up Pinkham to Great Glen - awesome views of Mt. Washington today

Although the old railroad bed seemed flat, it had some elevation to it as well. The profile doesn't look like we did ANY flat riding. No wonder my legs were tired when we were done!

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