Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Weekend in Vermont

Last year on Labor Day weekend, a group of us went up to the Kingdom Trails in East Burke, VT for a weekend of riding and camping. This year, we repeated that adventure, but went with some new friends too. And yes, this was the first time I camped since this time last year ;).

We had terrific weather the whole weekend, and did some AWESOME riding. I spent Saturday riding with Susan and Jean. Jean hadn't been on a mountain bike in years, and was riding a brand new Specialized Epic for the first time. Despite being covered in bruises, she did an awesome job on the trails, and never complained!

Sunday I went out for my first ever solo mountain bike ride. The guys were heading out, but I wanted to go and ride some of the trails I had ridden the day before, as well as some I had missed (like Sidewinder!). I had a great time on the trails, and covered a few more trails than the previous day, repeating both Webs and Sidewinder.

After two days of riding roots and climbs, however, my legs were pretty totaled! I ended up with over 50 miles in two days, and on Saturday, with a total of 4160 ft of climbing (Sunday, I'm sure, was similar, but I didn't have my GPS). Definitely a fun way to spend the last weekend of the summer - great riding and great friends!

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claudia said...

What an eventful week here at Two Adventures! I'm happy to hear that the tandem cross bike didn't get thrown into the woods.