Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of the Season(s)

After a full season of road racing, and a full season of TT racing, it was time two weeks ago for the final MTB race of the season as well. I decided not to race at Domnarski Farm after feeling like I was going to die the week before, but Mike wanted to go and finish out the Root 66 series, so we headed to Ware, MA for the series final.

It was really fun for me to spectate and cheer on Mike and all of our friends. I had a blast hanging out, chatting with Chris and Jill (who deserve huge kudos for the work they did on the series this year), and watching as everyone finished up one last muddy race.

Mike had an AWESOME race, winning his field and setting the 4th fastest time of the day on the course. He surprised me coming through the feed zone so early after the first lap, but I was ready to send him on his way. With this final win for the season, he also ended up second in the Expert Men 40-49 field overall - a huge accomplishment, and well deserved. We are both looking forward to an even more successful season next year, both for ourselves and for the great team that NEBC has been fielding all year (besides, we want those BATTs - big a$$ team trophies next year!).

Race winner; Second in the overall series

Last week was also the final Tuesday Night Women's Ride for the season. With it getting dark early these days, we all did the short loop to make sure that we were back on Lexington Green in time to head to Bertuccis for a celebratory pizza dinner. It was fun to go out for a last ride with the women, and to celebrate a great season of riding over pizza and beers.


claudia said...

Congrats to MKR! That is a great accomplishment.

What, pray tell, are you doing with all that free time? Oh, forgot. Cross season, right?


Trigirlpink said...

Speaking of CX.....

I'm TRYING to heal my battered body from a long tri season of pushing through and failing to come out on top of - injury extravagansa. Too many to list and who wants to hear you whine anyway?

Pleaz motivate me to pull my bike down and pick a race. I will stink, but at least I'll have an excuse this season. NOT IN SHAPE! :-)