Sunday, October 26, 2008

Race Results

WARNING - this post is a rant.

Somehow, the last three to four weeks of posted 'cross race results have had errors. I am mainly aware of errors in the women's fields, so can't comment on the men's results. I understand that it is difficult for the officials to keep track of everyone, especially with large fields, but when racers pay their money, their expectation is that they will see where they end up in the race.

I have seen racers placed incorrectly, not listed at all in the results, and listed as DNF in races they have finished. I've even seen incorrect names associated with a race number. What can I do to help? Is there a better way for us to be scoring these races and keeping track? I am willing to help craft a solution if anyone has an idea.

And to racers: you need to be vigilant about checking the results after a race. Once posted on-site, you have 15 minutes to protest. If results aren't protested, they get submitted and posted, after which time they will not change. It is YOUR responsibility to check and be sure that you are listed in the correct place BEFORE you leave for the day!


Trigirlpink said...
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Trigirlpink said...

Yikes. I got a DNF??? I don't DNF unless blood is pouring out of some orfice. Ever.

It was confusing and clearly would not accepted a DNF if in fact I had to do another lap and had known that. There wasn't anyone in sight in front of me nor behind me. It was NOT clearly stated that when the Jr. Men pass us, we were finished or not. My own fault in a way as I made assumtions and didn't hear the instructions if any were actually given at the start about this. At the start line, they were taking a vote from us on who wanted to race for 40 minutes or 45 minutes. Huh???
Then the lap card went from 3 laps to 1 lap and confusing statements from the offical as I went by "you can be done or do another lap, your choice." Huh???