Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Everyone in the bike industry knows that last week was Interbike in Vegas. Since PK was being inducted into the MTB Hall of Fame during the week, Mike and I made the trip west with PK and Nanyee, and our friends, Wayne and Jean.

It was a long week with lots of walking, but we had a great time! While Wayne and Mike ogled bikes and new bling for said bikes, Jean and I stood in lines for free stuff, and autographs ;). We ate at buffets, did the free beer surf, and of course, went to both 'Cross Vegas and the US Crit Championships.

Here are some pics and vids of the cool stuff, people and places we saw on this adventure - enjoy!

Cool bikes and gear

Redline cross bike; Any beer bike is cool, but a PBR bike is a must!

Look MTB; A replica of Tomac's first MTB

It sure looks fast!; Find 9 friends, and you have a great ride from Santana!

Awesome detail on a musical Waterford; MKR is lusting after this Ridley

Ritchey's 'cross bike; Sustainable bike building - from bamboo!

Campy's fancy display for the new 11-speed groupo; If he can't have the Ridley, he'll take the Ruegamer

Cycling Celebrities

The ecclectic Gary Fisher; Our own PK joining a select group of MTB Hall of Famers - congrats!

Joe Parkin wrote The Dog in a Hat; Oh wait - those aren't celebrities!

People and Sights

Cross Vegas

The lead pack in the race.

The chase group (and excuse my enthusiasm at Lance doing the dreaded double-hop remount...)

The finish - Trebon and Johnson (and is that our sponsor, Dave?)


Colin R said...

hahaha please tell me you had some beers prior to the Lance remount video!

lilbluemerckx said...

Well, it's about time you shared your "Vegas experience" with the rest of us! But you're still a weekend behind! Where are your priorities?!

claudia said...

Great pix! I love the one of PK with the award.

Trigirlpink said...

Awesome pix!