Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Smashing End

Mike and I had a great day up in Maine, until it all came to a "smashing" end.

We got up late, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, did some shopping, went for a bike ride to open the legs before tomorrow's race (ride ended with lemonade and fresh french fries at the town's fair) and were just heading up to Grafton Notch to take some pictures at Screw Auger Falls, and maybe see a moose.

Coming down the hill on Rte 2, I turned on my signal to make the left turn onto Rte 26 and started to slow. With oncoming traffic, I stopped. Unfortunately, the girl driving behind me (talking on her cell phone) did not. Smash.

We are both fine, but the van, as you can see, took a good hit. Good thing the bikes weren't on the rack! Oh, and the other driver claimed that the sun was in her eyes...

Insult to injury? It took Maine's finest almost 45 minutes to show up, and when they finally got there, the skies opened in a vicious downpour. And the bugs? There were MILLIONS!

The tailpipe has been cut off the car with a sawzall, and Mike has removed and straightened the rear shock which was bent and would not compress. Now it's up to the insurance to deal with the aftermath.



Michele said...

Hang up and drive, indeed! Whoa. I'm glad you and Mike and the bikes are safe and sound.

claudia said...

You guys are way past due for some good luck after so much suckage.

Wheels said...

Unlucky! I hope you guys at least enjoyed the Calm Fest. I was hoping to get away with Mike, not block. Oh well! See y'all at Snow?