Friday, August 7, 2009

Norwell, Canada and Trees

Once again, I have fallen behind on the blogging. This seems to be a recurring theme this year!


Two weeks ago, Mike and I went to Norwell for the MBRC-sponsored race. I loved this race last year, and this year was the same. We lucked out on the weather (it rained the entire way to the race) with sun and warm temps.

NEBC actually had a team of racers in the 35+ - Mike, Scott, Jim, John and Rob. Together, they rode strong, chasing early breaks, working together, and dicing it up with the Corner Cycles and Fuji teams. Their hard work paid off with three top 10 finishes (Scott - 7th, Mike - 8th, John - 10th).

The start; Looking strong

The break; And the chase

I didn't get to see the finish of their race as I was busy prepping to line up with the 45+ men. Norwell doesn't have a women's field, so racing with the boys is my only option (I was the only woman in the field). Last year at this race, I managed to hang on to the field, but got dropped everytime we went up the finish hill, and had to chase back on. This year, I wanted to NOT get dropped on the climb!

Typically, the 45+ field is considered relatively safe, at least by me. I know many of the racers in this field, and they have lots of years of experience. This year, however, some of the racers were unknown to me, and really made me nervous - not holding lines, pretending to be a top Tour de France descender IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACK, etc. The other interesting phenomenon? I got the sense that some of them desperately did not want to get beaten by a girl ;). So, it took me a few laps to get comfortable and move around the pack, but I met my overall goal - I never once got dropped on the climb, and was, in fact, PASSING people here! On the final climb, I dug deep, sprinted, and passed about 5 riders going into the finish. I managed to finish a respectable 24th in a field of 39, so was happy with the overall result.


This past weekend I headed to the homeland for a long over-due visit with my grandma, and a wedding. I flew in this time and rented a car - and since they didn't have any compacts available, I ended up with a convertible! I had a blast driving around with the top down all weekend.

The lake and cottage where I spent a lot of time growing up. The cottage has been moved, and the front room removed, but other than that, it still looks the same as I remember - just smaller!

My rock. It has been green, pink, beige...; My weekend ride - very fun

Me and gram

Enjoyed a visit with gram, who had just turned 86 the previous day. It was a surprise to her that I was coming, which was nice. She was at my aunt and uncle's which used to be her cottage when we were growing up. Lots of changes up there, but the visit brought back some great memories of playing with my cousins and brother.

Then it was off to Paula and Dave's wedding. It's always fun to catch up with good friends, and especially so for such a happy occasion.


When I got home from my visit, I was happy to see that the tree work we had planned was complete. We moved a large rhododendrun and holly bush, as well as a magnolia tree from the front yard to the side of the house. This will afford us some privacy from the neighbors, as well as from the road! Certainly changes the view out my office window. We also had two apple trees moved, although one of those is looking like it might not survive the stress.

Before - prepping for move; Moving the holly bush

Here comes the magnolia; Placing the rhodie

Finally in its new home; After - a bit lonely?

The finished bed/view from the office!

Off to other adventures this weekend! An MTB clinic, a race in Nashua and who knows what else might be in store...

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