Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Racing, and Some Riding For Fun

Saturday - Gate City Cyclone

Cathy - Women's 1/2/3 - 8th/11
Mike - Pro 1/2/3 - 33rd/75

Just a couple of overall observations from the races on Saturday:
  1. If the women don't start showing up for races, the promoters are going to start cutting the prize lists and/or the entire fields. Not sure what's up with everyone, but this race literally had 21 prime prizes and a cash payout of $750 for the top 6 finishers. I don't want to hear any women complaining when fields and prizes start getting cut.
  2. Team Equipe Specialized showed up for the Men's P1/2/3 race from Quebec. They had two fancy team vans, and they were FAST. Cleaned up on many primes, and won the race overall.
  3. Everyone should wear gloves when racing. Manny G learned this the hard way, going down in a crash in the first corner. Looked like a broken finger and lots of skin lost on his hands.
  4. Neutralizing a race is always hard. Doing it on a prime lap, at the finish line is harder. Having the pace scooter STOP directly in front of sprinting racers is B-A-D!

Overall, this was a fun race, and I had a good time. With two teammates in the break, I settled in to the "chase group" (when there are only 11 and 4 are up the road, it's hard to be called "the pack") to sit in. I figured that I could settle in for the final sprint, but Kerry L wound it up a bit too early for me, and I got caught out.

After changing up and some socializing, I got to watch Mike, Scott and Oscar race in the P1/2/3 race. They looked great, holding their own in the front third of a tough field. Of course, following up racing with food, friends and beer is always a good end to the day.

Sunday - Lynn Woods

Sunday was all about riding for fun. We don't get an opportunity to do that very often during the race season, so it was nice to head out with Mike, Scott and Wayne. Three hours of technical riding, some crashes and a whole lot of fun reminded me of why I am so passionate about riding my bike ;) Sometimes, perspective is a good thing!

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ML said...

It's a good thing Scott doesn't have longer arms or he would be riding behind the wheel.