Friday, May 21, 2010

And Even More Kittens!

JB commented that he was glad to see we were "smitten with our kittens" after one of my recent posts. Anyone coming here for bike content will see that for us, right now, it's ALL about kittens, ALL of the time! How can you not be smitten with these two adorable creatures?

Mike, Opie and Ellie all survived the first trip to the vet this week. Reports are that they didn't mind the car, or the vet, and both are in good health. This also completed our kitten adoption process - yay! Now if we can just keep Opie's head out of holes that are too small, and keep Ellie from jumping in the shower when it is ON, we'll be all set ;).


Big Bikes said...

Those two are pretty damn entertaining I gotta say.

So glad no one smooshed them in a recliner last night.


megA said...

cutest things ever!