Monday, May 24, 2010

Kitten Adventures

Opie and Ellie had their first big adventure this past weekend - a trip to Maine! Yup - packed them up in the truck for the 3.5 hour drive north to the Maine house. They were really good in the car, although rather inquisitive, and a wee bit squirmy (they wanted to see out the windows!).

Once in Maine, they had a ball. Running upstairs and down (we don't have an upstairs at home), and checking out the new digs. They seemed to adapt fairly well, even finding new snoozing places ;).

Coming home was a bit rougher than going. They REALLY didn't want to be in the Pet Taxi, and meowed, banged, bit and tried to chew their way out. When I finally released them, they curled up in my lap and fell fast asleep for the remainder of the trip. Such good kittens.

Don't worry - I promise that there is bike content coming ;)


Caroline said...

is not taken. I checked.

Jonny Bold said...

Are you kidding me with these pictures? I'm not one to use the word cute.......but DAMN.

The reason they're so happy is because they hit the Kitty Lottery.

Tilford would be proud.

Trigirlpink said...

screw the bike stuff.. this blog is now officially the Opie and Ellie Adventure.( ok..well in my little world it is ) I had sent the link to Mo when you first got them. We laughed about the fur balls during my massage on Monday!!

Rachel said...

Ha -- I did flip to your site wondering whether you had done a weeping willow report, but this is just as good and definitely cuter!! They are adorable.

Good to see you Sunday -- hope you break your resolve and race mtb some more!