Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not Mom

Quick - someone call the authorities! Somehow, my trusty Toyota Matrix was absconded from the driveway and replaced with THIS!

Yes, I bought a mini-van. Don't get any bright ideas - the only kids in this household are Mike and I. We needed a bigger car to hold all of our toys ;-). In fact, before we purchased the van, Mike took the tandem over to the dealership to make sure that it would fit inside. That was our decision-maker.

So, from a practical standpoint of lots of room for bikes, gear and people, this purchase made a lot of sense. I'm still having quite a bit of trouble with the soccer mom image that goes with it, despite the fact that I think it's probably the most luxurious (and definitely most spacious - no more changing in the cab of the truck after a race!) car I've ever had. I wonder if I can get a vanity plate that says "NOT MOM"? Maybe I'll just have to create a bumper sticker instead - "Bikes, not kids".


claudia said...

There better not be any accidents.

You can take that comment any way you want to.


Faithsmom said...

I must admit I am a little shocked.... I drove one though and I do agree it's comfortable, doesn't it have like 12 cup holders too!!

Anonymous said...

Despite there image a minivan is perfect for tandem transport. No hoisting to the roof and also you have some security if you need to park vehicle with bike inside.

This summer we are renting a minivan in Europe - puttin the tandem in it - and driving around to visit relatives and do rides.


Brooke said...

That's exactly why we bought our Saturn wagon years ago - to fit the bikes and golf clubs. We also brought those to the dealership before the purchase. But now with the little one on the way, that spacious truck might get used for more things...

paul.obeda@ said...

The angle of the picture leaves it unclear: is there a sunroof you can leave open on a nice sunny day? :)