Thursday, March 8, 2007

Spring Has Sprung ... in CA

This week, I had to travel to "sunny California" for a series of meetings. The weather has been mostly sunny, and apparently, unseasonably warm with temps in the mid to upper 60s during the day. Sadly, I didn't get to experience much outdoor weather as I was locked in a conference room for three days, which is too bad since it was single digits at home.

Driving in to Palo Alto, I could see that the cherry and magnolia trees were in bloom, as were the daffodils and some other early spring blooms.

The great thing about this trip though was getting to catch up with my good friend Jennifer on Monday. She flew up from LA to spend time with me while I was here - we went out to dinner, got caught up, and we were both on our way. Thanks, Jennifer, for making a special trip!

We did have a team building event on Wednesday night. We drove to Los Gatos to play bocce ball at Campo di Bocce. The lesson I learned here was that brute force is not necessarily a better strategy than finesse - it doesn't always work.

While it's been a productive trip, I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow - even if it's not quite spring there yet.


claudia said...

Yep, it was a *bit chilly* this AM, but still a fabulous ski day at Loon. Nice to see its spring someplace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for posting the pictures of your trip to CA! Do you guys always have this much fun at work?!?!