Monday, August 13, 2007

On the Sidelines

Well, I did it. A whole weekend with no racing or riding. Boy, was it tough! But, it was likely also just what I needed. It's probably a good thing that I went to Taunton and Fall River without packing a bike or any gear - if I had, I would have been talked into racing for sure ;-).

Mike had a TERRIFIC weekend - racing two crits in Taunton at the Silver City Flyer on Saturday, and then another at the Blount Seafood Crit in Fall River on Sunday. Two of his races this weekend were in the 35+ category - against Mark McCormack and Johnny Bold (again). At the Silver City Flyer, Mike actually ATTACKED both Mark and John on one lap (although he should have jumped on their wheels - both were in the chase group). He raced aggressively there, and looked great all through the race - I do remember yelling at him a couple of times to get off the front though ;-).

At the Blount Seafood race, Mike again looked great through the race. Although he missed the break and the chase group (NOTE: everyone missed the break, as Coleman was sprinting off the line while everyone was still getting clipped in), he managed to finish 3rd in the field sprint, and 14th overall in a tough field!

I also got to Fall River in time to see much of the Cat 3/4 Women's race, where Loraine, Erica, Jen and Aiyana all looked great! It was fun to see Aiyana back in the racing scene only 8 weeks after giving birth! Loraine looked strong all through the race, and had her best finish ever - 4th overall, and the first Cat 4 woman! I am so proud of her, and the rest of the team!

Loraine: Sprinting for the finish

The front of the race; Jen in the chase group

Alexa hanging in; Aiyana - happy to be finished!

I also want to congratulate Alexa on a great race! I met Alexa at Working Man's this year. She is only 18, and just starting to get into racing. She hung in to finish this race and is showing great enthusiasm, tenacity and potential. Good job, Alexa!

I cheered wildly from the sidelines all weekend, and managed to catch a bunch of photos of the NEBC racers.

Now that I am rested, it's back to riding this week to see where I am at. Hopefully, with 'cross season just around the corner (and the new bike coming soon), I will be physically and mentally ready to get out and do this all again!

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