Friday, August 10, 2007

Where's Waldo?

If you ever want to suddenly realize just how many people DO read your blog, stop posting for a couple of weeks ;-). Thanks to everyone who has been inquiring about the lack of posts. The best kick in the pants, however, was getting an email message from a college (university) friend asking if Mike and I were ok since I hadn't posted in so long (thanks, Brian, for checking in!).

So, I have been in a major cycling slump and didn't figure that most of you wanted to know that I felt like dog poo, so I have been avoiding posting anything here. After some pretty lackluster crit and TT performances, I am taking some time off the bike to rest - it's been a long season so far, and with 'cross starting up next month, I need to make sure that my body and mind are both ready for another round of racing.

I do want to thank everyone, however, who has been terrifically supportive as I've battled with self-doubt. According to an article mailed to me by one of my teammates, "A one-time slip doesn't mean you're a failure. ... your hard work is not lost. Remind yourself of all you've learned and how far you've come since you started." I have had a great season, and need to focus on that and what is yet to come!

Mike, in the meantime, is coming into form nicely, and doing really well with his crit racing! Last weekend in Concord, NH, he raced two races and finished well in both. He actually looked stronger and more confident as the day progressed. He also set a PR at the CBTT this week, finally getting below the 22 minute mark with a time of 21:54.2! He's planning on 4 crits this weekend, and I know that he will do well.

Me? I'm going to be the supportive wife this weekend instead ;-).

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claudia said...

Boyz generally like that.


Lots of riding here in AMS this weekend! But the bike is now packed up. :(