Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Streak Gets Better

I've always wanted to post one of these fancy finishing shots from Velocity Results. I'm not sure who was more excited about Mike's win last night - him, or me! In a starting Cat 4/5 field of 69 racers, Mike stayed near the front for the entire race, winning two cash primes, as well as the entire race in the end, launching his final sprint 1/2 way into the final lap. I was so excited watching him, and nervous that someone would come around at the last minute; I think all of Salem might have heard me screaming ;-).

Here's Mike's account of the race:

It was a great event; a downtown crit in Salem around the common. Lots of spectators and the event was run really well (same guy who does the Gloucester cross events ran this one). Pace was quick off the start but not bad and then the bell started ringing for primes ($10). I decided to test the waters and started the attack at about the half way point in the lap. I jacked the speed way up and got a gap and surprisingly nobody closed it.

A little while later the bell rang for a $20 prime and at that point I'd spent a bunch of time out front solo trying to work my gap from the 1st prime and also in a break with some other guys. I came through that one in 2nd just in time to hear the bell ring for the half way $125 prime. Yee ha, the chase was on. The guy out front (MMRC's Jim E.) was pretty beat from taking the $20 prime so I was able to nab him in the final corner and grab the big loot.

A few laps later the bell rang again and another NEBC rider, Joe J., was near the front and I asked him if he was ready. He assumed I was looking for a lead and I told him no, you're going to get this one, just get on my wheel. Same MO, I launched with 1/2 lap left and kept it at about 30mph and Joe came by just before the line to take it. I've got to say that was the biggest accomplishment all night, being able to really control things and do what we wanted to.

The plan for the finish was more of the same. Keep the pace high for the last few laps and avoid a pack sprint. There was another big guy (Gerry H.) racing who was an animal. This guy would go to the front and just motor. He did a super job all the way through. With a couple to go a kid broke a little and dangled off the front. On the final lap I knew I needed to close him down and launch it up. I attacked in the same spot again and pegged it. The finish was an all out sprint for the line and hope nobody passed me. I got lucky and it worked.

Here are a few other photos from the race, as well as the awards ceremony. Congrats to Mike and the rest of the NEBC 4/5 racers!

The witch museum (of course); Mike with Richard Fries

The mayor of Salem was on hand to recognize the podium winners

Medals and merchandise for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place


claudia said...

That is so great! Congrats to MKR.

bicyclemacgyver said...

As one of the main sponsors and the guy who got Paul Boudreau involved to help put this race on, I am glad you enjoyed the race and hope you will come again to race next year.

Also, it sounds like you are close with the Mens 4/5 winner. He won a KHS cros frameset, but disappeared before I could go over the details with him. I will need to order the frameset so he should come by salem cycle or call us and we can order it. 978-741-2222

Salem Cycle

Rebecca said...

i was just going to comment to ask about whether or not you won a 'cross frame, since you didn't mention anything about it! and above is my answer. now we'd better see you out there at the cx races! =D