Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mashed Potatoes

No, I'm not talking about dinner. I'm talking about the consistency of the snow we rode in today. Just like riding in a giant pot of mashed potatoes. Sort of snow that grabbed your wheel, turned it 90 degrees perpendicular to the direction you wanted to go, and sapped every once of strength you had. Add to that the pouring rain, and this ride was more of a torture-fest than a fun time, but was DEFINITELY a workout!

Once again, I high-tailed at a bail point and headed home, after falling on my hand again. So, I missed the downpour that turned to snowflakes as big as your head, and the thunder and lightening! Also missed Edzo's spectacular crash, but there is photo evidence ;-).

You can see from the photos that there isn't actually a lot of snow cover here in MA. The same is NOT TRUE for Maine, however. They received a whopping 22" of the stuff last week, on top of what was already there! We had to dig into the house on Friday when we arrived (although thanks to our good friend, Robert, much of the snow was already plowed), and it was wet and heavy. There is literally nowhere left to put it! Getting into the house almost requires a tunnel... We have a trailer in the dooryard that won't be coming out until about June at this point - all completely buried.

All that snow made for some excellent riding on Saturday, though. We set off from the house and decided to try some new trails and see if we could make our way to North Conway. The clubs had been out grooming, and the trails were in awesome shape! Our trip took us to the top of Hurricane Mountain Road, and even higher to the summit of Black Cap with views of Cranmore and the valley below. Needing gas, we didn't make it to N. Conway, but instead headed to Fryeburg to fill up, and then head home through N. Fryeburg and Lovell. Seven hours of riding and 135 miles.

The drive back to MA last night was another adventure. The weather was bad the entire trip, and the roads were snow covered and slippery. Took us four hours to get home, and we were both glad to have arrived safely.


claudia said...

Sweetie, don't fall on the hand anymore. You need that.


Karin said...

Sounds like Saturday was the snow-riding day - I wish we took photos because it was just great, even on the cx bikes!

Todd Rowell said...

Didn't I recently see you on the cover of Singletracks. It looked almost exactly like the first pic in this post.

Cathy said...

Yup - that was me... Not from this ride, but earlier in the winter.