Sunday, February 17, 2008

Training ... It Has Begun!

I'm sitting here in my living room, tired after a big week of riding - 113 miles last week, and 34 more today. Of course, that's nothing compared to the racers just starting the Tour of California - watching them on TV makes me feel a little lame for being so tired ;-).

Tuesday/Wednesday - Trainers

Photo by PK

These were trainer nights, and trainer nights require company. Why suffer alone, when you can suffer with others??? Tuesday, I rode with the boys as we watched the 1976 Paris-Roubaix. Wednesday, Julie joined me for another torture-fest, er, I mean training session. Forty miles in two days...

Friday - Road

The weather here was beautiful on Friday - sunny and temps in the 40s. Mike and I went out early in the afternoon to put in some miles. It was nice to be outside riding after so many days of riding in the basement going nowhere. We rode one of our normal routes out through Carlisle, Westford, Acton, Stow and Concord, putting on a tough 44 miles. And can SOMEONE tell the road departments that they need to get out and fix the potholes?!?! Some of those will swallow cars, never mind bikes.

Saturday - MTB

Tired of riding in the snow and mashed portatoes, Mike and I headed south to ride on the snow-free Cape at the Trail of Tears in Barnstable. We have only ridden here twice before, but years ago. So, this was kind of a seek and destroy mission.

We were on the singlespeeds (too lazy to change the studs off of the full-suspension geared bikes), and there was a little more climbing than I had anticipated. I was embarrased to be walking up a hill when a group with Johnny Bold, Mark McCormack and 3 others passed by me going in the other direction... I need to get some legs back under me!

We had a great ride - out for almost four hours and covering 19 miles (see ride details here). We were pretty beat when we finally got back to the car, and hungry! We headed to West Dennis for yummy fried food (clams, fries and onion rings) as a reward - at Kream and Kone. We also went down to the beach before heading home. It was definitely cold down there, but also pretty peaceful - no crowds on a cold, windy day.

Sunday - Road

Jen, Sally, Catherine & Kathy in Concord Center

I woke up this morning BEAT from the previous two days. My legs were tired and my hips were sore from the SS ride the day before. I wanted no part of trying to keep up with Mike for another day, so headed out with some of my NEBC teammates and friends for a mellow ride through Concord and Carlisle. It was really fun to be riding with the women again. I kept pace with Kathy while she did a strong interval, recollected with the rest in Concord Center, and then headed home. I think I need a day off now ;-). Click here for ride route and details.

The training has begun! Time to get ready for the season...


claudia said...

Lots of riding + no falling = GOOD!

Trigirlpink said...

You are the cycling QUEEN. You are motivating me to get outside. :-)