Monday, February 25, 2008

What Did YOU Do This Weekend?

After nearly a foot of snow fell here on Friday, there was only one thing left to do on Saturday (after our 1:15, 5.5 mile ride in the snow on Friday night) - snowshoe! Mike and I headed over to the PR and tromped around for a couple of hours. We were the first tracks in there besides the deer, mice, squirrels and rabbits.

Sunday we headed over to Wayne and Jean's for the next in the series of the Spring Conspiracy rides. The plan was for 60 miles, heading south from Wayland and circumnavigating Framingham. Sixteen of us set off (a bit late), including my teammate Cris. The skies were sunny, but temps were still on the chilly side - in the low 30s as we set off.

Now, this is SUPPOSED to be a training ride, and it IS February. However, the pace was a little higher than Cris and I really wanted to go (or, in my case, COULD go). After 21 miles of 24.5 mph on the flats and 17 mph on the climbs, we said enough. We headed back exactly as we had gone out from Wayne's, and I managed to get us back from Dover with only one (or maybe two) wrong turns - not bad without a map and on roads I had never been on before! We still ended up with 3 hours of riding time and a little over 46 miles. And MANY thanks to Wayne and Jean for the yummy food afterwards!

So, what did YOU do this weekend? ;-)


tmc said...

You guys are killing me! I was Slacker Extraordinaire this weekend. I fear I will be severely dusted when we finally ride together again. :(

Trigirlpink said...

Ah geeze.. I gotta get out this weekend. You are just pummeling me in the cycling department. Sunday is looking guuuud.
Sunny and balmy 45!