Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brought to You by the Letter "S"

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "S" - snowwoman, snowmobiling, snow shoveling, snow biking. Sense a trend? ;-)

When we pulled into the driveway in Bethel on Thursday night, we were both flabbergasted at the amount of snow! There is literally no more place to put it, and it was supposed to snow another foot there today... Despite having someone plow the drive, it still took us over an hour to shovel the entry way and dig out the snowmobile trailer.

Bethel has constructed the world's tallest snowwoman - Olympia (named for Maine Senator Olympia Snowe). She stands at 122 feet tall, and bests the previous world record for a snowman (also held by Bethel) of 113 feet. Friday was the dedication of Olympia, and she is literally a sight to behold - fir tree arms, skis for eyelashes, and truck tires for buttons.

Mike and I took Friday off from work to head out on the snowmobiles and drove over to Errol (trying to avoid the minefield of frost heaves along the way) so that we could ride some wide open trails. This was the BEST riding we have done all season! The trails were in awesome shape and despite it being NH school vacation and the first day of the Snodeo, we didn't see that many people on the trails - could it be because it was only -5F?!?!? At one point, my handwarmers stopped working - that was cold. Thankfully a blown fuse was the culprit and we were able to change it and warm up my freezing fingers! Returning to Errol, we ended the day with 175 miles of awesome riding.

We headed back home on Friday night to beat the storm that was coming. Got home before it started to snow, but went out riding in the flurries this morning. Tomorrow, we're heading out for a road ride - should be fun!


Trigirlpink said...

The snow woman ROCKS! :-)

Alex said...

I saw Olympia too, last friday... we were staying at a friend's house in Bethel on our way up to Rangeley for a ski marathon, and his mom actually works for the chamber of commerce or something, so she was wicked proud of her snowwoman. There were lots of snowmobiles in Rangeley, have you been? The hotel we stayed in Saturday night was all snowmobilers. I'm guessing you're generally better behaved than these guys...