Sunday, March 16, 2008

First Tandem Ride of the Season

After a long week of training (including hill repeats, intervals, 2x20s after work and hard efforts in the snow yesterday), Mike and I pulled down the tandem for its inaugural ride today. With both of us training, we don't get a lot of time to ride together anymore, and the tandem gives us the opportunity to do just that.

Captain and stoker!

The skies were gray and the temps were in the low 30s, but we dressed appropriately and headed out from the house for what ended up being a really solid ride. We were out for almost 4 hours with just over 3.5 hours of riding time, covering 62 miles and about 3000 feet of climbing (click here for an interactive map of the route).

Taking a break for a snack; still no blossoms (still not spring!)

We also recently found out that our friends Wayne and Jean have a tandem, and we are all looking forward to riding together this season.


Trigirlpink said...

Hi ho Cathy! I spotted a tandem bike in the back of the shop at the Bikeway Source on Saturday. I might have to drag that puppy out for a spin. Paul would be totally up for it. Do you feel like you get a good workout riding it? Cheers!

claudia said...

Great to hear you guys are finding a bit of time for tandeming.

Jennifer Sage said...

This makes me think that riding a tandem might be kinda fun! :-) Have you ever taken your tandem on trips? Wondering if it's really hard to transport. I send people to Europe on self-guided bike tours, and wonder if tandem riders are a potential market. Or would they prefer two bikes for a trip like that?
ride on,

Cathy said...

Hi Jennifer! We haven't taken our tandem on any trips (except where we can put it in the van and drive to our starting point), but we have friends who go to Europe with theirs once per year. They have an S&S coupled tandem, so they can break it down and pack it in a bike box for traveling. There might be others who would be interested in something similar!

Without the coupling, however, transporting a tandem is not easy.

Thanks for the links to your pages! Keep the rubber side down.