Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Overdue Visit

Mike and I had planned to travel to my mom and dad's at Christmas, but Mother Nature had other plans. As we drove north on roads that were snow and ice covered, knowing the worst was yet to come, we turned around and came back to Bedford. So, before the race season gets underway, and our weekends are filled, we took a quick (and I do mean quick - up Thurs and back on Sat) trip home this weekend.

I have lived in the Boston area now for almost 15 years. In all of that time, I have only ever traveled to the Ottawa area using one route - through both Montreal and Ottawa via Burlington, VT. If any of you have ever driven through Montreal, you know that this can be both hair rasing and scary. It is unpleasant at best, and regardless of what time of day you choose to drive through, there is ALWAYS bad traffic.

We decided this trip to take a different route - one that would bypass both Montreal and Ottawa completely, and take us instead, through NY state. It was a MUCH easier drive this way, as well as faster! You can bet we will be using this route again in the future - as long as we're not in fear of snow squalls coming in off of the lakes... Our drive up took us through Amish country, a giant wind farm, and over the 1000 Islands bridges - much more scenic than Montreal ;).

We had a great visit with my mom and dad. Friday, we took a trip out to Temple's Sugar Bush to get some tasty syrup, and then a nice drive before some yummy lunch and a great dinner at home. While mom was busy cooking dinner, Mike and I went out for a bike ride with my dad. It was his first ride of the year on his bike (which, we later discovered, he did with a broken spoke in the rear - he got a great workout!), and he was pretty tired when we were finished, but rode like a trooper, only complaining that his butt was sore (mine would be too, dad, if I rode in jeans!). Spent some quality time with my brother and niece as well to round out a short visit.

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