Friday, March 13, 2009

Up, Up and Away

With the onset of DST, my evening training sessions headed outside this week. Outside and UP! Two nights in a row of hill repeats on Oak Hill in Littleton/Harvard. On Wednesday, it was me and the iPod for three climbs, all at LT effort - fastest effort of the night came on the final interval, which sort of surprised me...

Thursday I was joined by my friend Michele (who WILLINGLY came out to play...). Maybe it was the competitive spirit, or maybe the training is paying off, but I took 21 seconds off my fastest Weds interval the first time up on Thurs. In fact, all three intervals (although progressively slower each time up) were faster than the previous night. Again, surprised me given that my legs were pretty sore, and I felt tired.

I'll definitely take it though, especially since I have always claimed that I am not a hill climber, nor have I ever played one on TV ;)


claudia said...

That is a pretty darn goofy-faced pic.


Cathy said...

You'd look goofy too after 6 climbs! ;) This was after the ride.