Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today was our second longest snowmobile ride ever - 230 miles. Mike and I set out from Errol, NH at about 8:30 this morning, and rode from there to Oquossoc, ME, all around Rangely, ME, back to Oquossoc and then returned to Errol around 4:30, stopping only for gas and a quick lunch break.

The trails were in excellent shape early in the morning, and made for some fast riding. There were a LOT of people out taking advantage of the snow, so conditions deteriorated later in the day, but I have definitely seen worse.

While the whole ride was enjoyable (minus some of the boneheads who thought they could "out-race" everyone on the trails, making for a couple of close calls), the best part of the day was racing across Rangely lake. Mike and I sped off to see how fast we could go, and it seemed that for some unknown reason, my sled was faster. I clocked 87 mph on it ;-). Could it be that I won????

BTW - I did end up getting to Florida last week. Managed to spend a day in sunny, 70 degree temps, which was a nice change from cold and snow. Believe it or not, I even "played" 9 holes of golf, losing at least two golf balls in the process. Warm weather will be here soon enough (I hope!).

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claudia said...

I do believe that you won. However, that may or may not be a good thing.