Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who Needs Coach Troy?

In the cycling world, Coach Troy is akin to what Richard Simmons was to many of our moms. Many cyclists use Coach Troy to get them through trainer sessions in the winter months - DVDs full of base building, intervals, hill climbing, time trialing and more. No need for that today!

Mike, AA, PK, Stig, Wayne and I headed out from the house on the MTBs with the studded tires , which we really needed. The trails in the woods were snow and ice covered, but passable where people had walked. We did get onto a couple of trails that hadn't been tracked, and the going was pretty tough. You could get a head of steam going, but then you would hit some deep snow and your bike would literally stop. This was going to be hard work!

Spinning uphills, pedalling downhills and just pushing through the crud was a great workout. My HR was pegged for some of the ride, just in the effort of keeping the bike going in a forward direction! After an hour with the boys, I finally had enough and put my tail between my legs to head for home. Unfortunately, the bike path wasn't in much better shape - full of frozen footprints and bike ruts! I did end up managing 14 miles of riding in 2 hours, so will leave Coach Troy for another day.

Hey Brad - not sure what happened to Dallas, but it looks like my team just won it's 18th straight game to get to the Super Bowl ;-)


tmc said...

Sorry I missed the ride. You guys are way better than Coach Troy. I think I better order studded mtb tires today.

BTW, my team won it's 10th straight road game and became the lowest ranked team to make it to the Super Bowl. Looking forward to the rematch in a couple of weeks and ruining the "perfect" season. Go Giants! :)

Trigirlpink said...

Geesh.. do you ever sleep? :-) I've been a total wuss riding my Computrainer these days.